Purchasing Items for a Work Order

To purchase items for a work order:


  1. Click the Work Orders icon on the NAPA TRACS menu bar.
  2. Highlight a row from the list in the Estimates folder and click the Edit button.



The work order appears with the Summary folder active.



  1. Click the Purchase button. The Purchasing window appears with all purchase orders associated with the repair order.



  1. Click the Order button. The Purchasing Work Order window appears and displays the item to be ordered.



  1. (Optional) Scroll to the right to see the rest of information for each item.

  2. Press the Done button to save and transmit later or click the Transmit button to save and transmit the order.

Viewing Vendor Information

To view vendor information:


  1. Highlight a row on the Purchase window and click Vendor Info on the right to view vendor information.



The Vendor Information window appears.



  1. Click Cancel to close the Vendor Information window.

Viewing or Updating a Purchase Order

You can view or update the purchase orders displayed on the Purchase window.


To view or update a purchase order from the Purchase window, highlight the row and click Open PO from the right side of the window.


The Purchase Order screen appears for the selected item.



Use this screen to change vendors, add additional parts, or preview or print the purchase order.



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